Monday, 26 September 2011

Life Drawings
The following are all 20 minute life drawings that I did 
at a small life drawing studio in Vancouver called "Basic Inquiry." 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
These are some backgrounds that I colored in photoshop. Primarily, I laid down the
lighter and darker color values while other artists laid down the high lights and color values.

Cosmo Girl Illustrations
These are some drawings that were done for Cosmo Girl
when I worked at Dancing Diablo. I worked on some of the base 
pencil drawings as well some of the base coloring.

Urban Omnibus
These are some drawings/flash animations that I made for an architectural company called
Urban Omnibus. I made these drawings and illustrations for a project they were doing on Hydro electric power turbines.

Personal Drawings
The following are personal drawings that I made in my sketchbook using a calligraphy pen.

Personal Paintings
These are some personal paintings that I made.

These are some portraits that I painted while in art school.

Christo Negro
This was a quick rendering that I did for a small company in 
New York called Hiccup Media. Hiccup was working on a project
to rebrand a reggaeton artist as "Christo Negro" and this was a rendering
that was meant to accompany his rebranding efforts. 

Animation Design
The following are all designs that I have done for my own personal animated films.

Little Brown Girls
The following was a logo that I made for a friends 
film company called "Little Brown Girls."

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